Reasons to say NO without having a guilt

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Everything you do is fine, everything you say is fine. Making someone feel happy is even better, then what’s something no one aspires about? It’s one such word that makes you feel guilty and others a little more upset when you tend to say that word, the word is “NO”.

This one pessimistic word has so much to do with all of us and our lives. It may make us the worst in someone’s story. But sometimes it is the need of the hour to say no, especially when you don’t find something correct and appropriate. 


Saying no for someone you don’t like is not at all wrong, one must know how and when to sty know and take the right stand. There will be times when you’ll find it difficult and troublesome to utter the word for a favor or help but no need to be guilty as you’ll do it for a genuine reason. 

Given below are 10 reasons to say no which can help you take your within any second thought and keep you going effortlessly and efficiently. 

1.  The very reason why you want to say NO. 

Always keep a clear vision of why you’re going to say the word no, do not stress over it and think only of good reasons why you want to deny someone’s request. 

You should focus on things, as you should only say no to things that are negative and uncontrollable. You should say no to things which you don’t want and yes to those you actually want. 

2. Do not say NO directly

It makes it easier for people to respect your opinion if you listen to them kindly and then let them know what you think about the request they’ve made in front of you. 

Make them comfortable and let them understand the reason why you’re saying no to them. For example, you don’t have time or you won’t be able to do it due to family reasons. 

3. Tell why don’t you feel to say yes

You can let that person know what actions are there that stops you to say yes and accept the offer to favor them. Make them understand your point of view and why you think its not your cup of tea.

Tell them the reason why you can’t help them out in a kind manner and describe your viewpoint briefly. Do not argue and stay calm, when you do this there would be no counter-arguments.

4. Help the person somewhat if you wish to

Instead of supporting the whole thing you can make it easier for the person requesting you by suggesting other substitutes or good measures. You simply don’t get into it but you can help those find ways for their requirements.

5. To eradicate embarrassment if you fail

When you try to do something, especially on someone else’s demand you need to be so particular that you do not fail in it. You need to give your best to show your capabilities. However, it is not necessary that you’ll gain victory and you may be held embarrassed or guilty because you were doing it for someone else.

6. Prioritization

Being helpful is good, but being over-friendly with someone who’s not your priority is stupidity. You should only help and go to extreme levels for people who come under your priority list instead of any stranger or a normal friend or acquaintance. 

7. To save time and energy

If people ask you to favor them or to help them out even if you don’t want to participate in their decision and deeds, you must say NO and save their efforts, time and energy. This will keep things clear and harmonious.

8. To build your confidence

If the situation is not in your favor and you literally do not want to step into it, it is better to say NO at the right time. Rather than thinking about your wrong decision afterward, you may straight away say no to take your own stand and build your confidence.

9.  To support the righteous

 There are evil people all around and they tend to practice things that may harm someone. You should straightaway say no to their proposal even if you’re friends with them. You should know the exact purpose and result of anything you’re asked to do and react accordingly.

10.  To make you YES more valuable

People who say yes to do anything and for everything are undoubtedly taken for granted. When you learn to say No, people with constant mindsets will get to know about your wise decision making and won’t treat you for granted and will surely value your YES.

Folks will get to know that you don’t say yes very easily and baby tasks or evil tasks won’t bother you anymore due to your valuable and limited YES.


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