4 word short deep quotes

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There’s a lot of wisdom in short, simple statements. They can pack a lot of punch in just a few words. And that’s why I love deep quotes – they offer a lot of insight in a small package.

I’ve collected some of my favorite deep four word short quotes, and I hope you enjoy them too. Each one is like a little gem, offering something special that can help us live our lives more fully and happily.

Four word short quotes

1.) “Wake up and live.”

Four word short quotes

2.) “Today is the day.”

Four word short quotes

3.) “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Four word short quotes

4.) “Live and let live.”

Four word short quotes

5.) “Live a good story.”

Four word short quotes

6.) “No pressure, no diamonds.”

7.) “Do what you love.”

8.) “Dream big, believe bold!

9.) “Reach for the stars.”

10.) “Stay foolish to stay sane.”

11.) “Let’s do this now.”

Four word short quotes

12.) “Do more with less.”

13.) “You deserve some cake.”

14.) “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

15.) “You only live once.”

16.) “Do the right thing.”

17.) “I appreciate your work.”

18.) “What’s done is done.”

19.) “Think less live more.”

20.) “You are not alone.”

21.) “You’re not dead yet.”

Four word short quotes

22.) “Just drink more coffee.”

23.) “This too shall pass.”

24.) “Make your life sweet.”

25.) “Get back to work!”

26.) “You’re a great mom!”

27.) “Courage doesn’t always roar.”

28.) “Don’t just exist, live.”

29.) “Wake up and live.”

30.) “Try something new today.”

31.) “Life teaches, Love reveals”

Four word short quotes

32.) “Nothing endures but change.”

33.) “Beautiful minds inspire others.”

34.) “Proud to be weird.”

35.) “You deserve a holiday.”

36.) “No feeling is final.”

37.) “Paint the town red.”

38.) “Stay nice, not rude.”

38.) “Stand out, be original.”

39.) “You are your choices.”

40.) “Never doubt your instinct.”

41.) “Let life surprise you.”

Four word short quotes

42.) “Too clever is dumb.”

43.) “Hey — You’ll be OK.”

44.) “Earth laughs in flowers.”

45.) “Everything is a choice.”

46.) “I KNOW you can.”

Four word short quotes

47.) “I made more bacon.”

48.) “Your life has meaning.”

49.) “Whatever happens, take responsibility.”

50.) “He conquers who endures.”

51.) “Don’t give up, ever.”

Four word short quotes

52.) “Own less. Live more.”

53.) “Don’t lick the windows.”

54.) “Dance lightly with life.”

55.) “Chaos makes the muse.”

56.) “Life is a choice.”

Four word short quotes

57.) “Don’t think. Just do.”

58.) “Sometimes you get stuck.”

59.) “Nothing succeeds like success.”

60.) “Success can’t be forced.”

Final thoughts

In the end, these four simple words hold a great deal of truth. We hope that by providing some deep quotes, we have given you something to think about and perhaps even apply to your own life. What do you think? Are there any other short deep quotes that speak to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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