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Humans are of mixed nature and characteristics and possess different types of emotions and aspects about themselves as well as for others. There are very few people who are loved by everyone and do not face any sort of criticism. One of them is our beloved and the most inspiring person Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. We’re here with a huge collection of motivational APJ Abdul Kalam quotes. 

Dr. Abdul Kalam is known to be the missile man of India with no haters and zero criticism against him. He was a person of ethics with ultimate motivation and success. He was the most favorite president of India amongst youth as well as all other age groups. He possessed immense wisdom and bliss in all his sayings, quotes about apj Abdul Kalam can help you choose the path of success and hard work. 

Late Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam was a generous, inspiring, successful, and intelligent person with loads of knowledge to deal with each and every situation. He was one of the best scientists and the best president India could ever have. Quotes on apj Abdul Kalam can be one of the most important and inspiring things to keep yourself going on the right path with adequate dedication.

Given below are some of the motivational apj Abdul Kalam quotes to make a difference in your life. 

APJ abdul kalam quotes

1.) “Believe in yourself. “You are braver than you think more talented than you know and capable of more than you imagine.”


2.) “If my absence doesn’t affect your life then my presence has no meaning in it.”


3.) “If you can’t handle the stress, you can’t handle the success.”


4.) “When you’re wrong, admit it. When you’re right, be quiet.”

5.) “Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy success.”

6.) “I’m not a handsome guy, but I can give my hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.”

7.) “Life is like a notebook. Two pages are already written, first page is birth and last page is death. Centre pages are empty so, fill them with smile and love.”

8.) “Motivate yourself, don’t listen to those people who only see your mistakes.”

9.) “People who do not understand your silence will never understand your words.”

10.) “Someone asked me, “who hurt you?” I replied, “my own expectations.”

APJ abdul kalam quotes on education

11.) “A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with huge noise. Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet. This is the power of silence. Grow silently.”

APJ abdul kalam quotes on education

12.) “All the problems are stuck between “mind” & “matter” if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

13.) “Truth is like a surgery. It hurts but cures. Lie is like a pain killer. It gives instant relief but has side effects forever.”

14.) “The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and attention.”

15.) “Sometimes you have to keep your good news to yourself. Everybody is not genuinly happy for you.”

16.) “Life will never provide ‘warranties & guarantess’ It can only provide ‘possibilities & opportunities’ to convert them into “success”.

APJ abdul kalam quotes on education

17.) “There are two types of pain in this world: pain that hurts you, and pain that changes you.”

18.) “Today’s pain is tomorrow ‘s power.”

19.) “One of the very important caharacteristics of a student is to question. Let the student ask questions.”

20.) “I’m not rich. Not smart. Not attractive. But I’ll be successful one day.”

Inspirational apj Abdul kalam quotes

21.) “Success is when your signature turns into your autograph.”

Inspirational apj Abdul kalam quotes

22.) “Life is like a book. If you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds.”

23.) “Br careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.”

24.) “Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.”

25.) “Don’t stay where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated.”

26.) “You cannot change your future but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.”

Inspirational apj Abdul kalam quotes

27.) “Silence and smile are two powerful tools. Smile solve problems and silence to avoid problems.”

28.) “Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. Live it, learn from it, move on.’

29.) “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.”

30.) “Life is full of colors. Sometimes we are sad, happy, whatever it is must remain grateful.”

Best APJ Abdul kalam quotes

31.) “The smile on my face doesn’t mean that my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what god has blessed me with.”

Best APJ Abdul kalam quotes

32.) “Appreciate what you have today. You may not have it tomorrow.”

33.) “Nations consist of people. And with their efforts, a nation can accomplish all it could ever want.”

34.) “It is written in the gita, don’t be dissapointed, your time is weak not a you.”

35.) “When I was a kid I used to admire educated people, but now I realized well mannered people are better than well aducated ones.”

36.) “If you dislike someone, dislike them alone. Don’t recruit others to join your case.”

Best APJ Abdul kalam quotes

37.) “I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

38.) “Maturily is when you realise, sleeping is more important than chatting late night.”

39.) “Quiet people are actually talkative around the right people.”

40.) “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”

APJ Abdul Kalam quotes on dreams

41.) “Heart is not a basket for keeping tension and sadness. It is a golden box for keeping rose of happiness and sweet memories.”

APJ Abdul Kalam quotes on dreams

42.) “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”

43.) “Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness while bad days give you lesson.”

44.) “Knowledge will give you the power but character will give you respect.”

45.) “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.”

46.) “All of us do not have equal talent. But all of us have an equal opportunities to develop our talent.”

APJ Abdul Kalam quotes on dreams

47.) “A person’s tongue can give you the taste of his heart.”

48.) “Confidence doesn’t come when you have all the answers but it comes when you are ready to face all the questions.”

49.) “If somebody is strong enough to push you down, let them know that you are strong enough to get back up.”

50.) “A friend who understand your tears in much more valueable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”

Motivational quotes on Abdul kalam

51.) “The best pair in the world is smile and cry. They won’t meet each other at time. If they meet, that is the best moment in your life.”

Motivational quotes on Abdul kalam

52.) “Dreams are not what we see while we asleep, real dreams are what cause us to fall asleep.”

53.) “If you want to shine like a sun, first learn to burn like a sun.”

54.) “Mistakes are painfull when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes called experience which leads us to success.”

55.) “You were born with wings. Don’t crawl. Learn to use them to fly and fly.”

56.) “All fingers are not of the same length. But when they bend, all stands equal. Thus life becomes easy when we bend and adjust to all situations.”’

57.) “Words are like keys if you choose them right, they can open any heart and shut any mouth.”

58.) “True love requires faith, trust and loyalty. Not chocolate, flowers, and expensive gifts.”

59.) “Theory of life when the flood comes, the fish eat ants. But when water dries, tha ants eat fish. Life give chance to everyone. Just have to wait for our turn.”

60.) “Give yourself permission to fail. If you never fail, you never learn. If you never learn, you will never grow.”

More APJ Abdul Kalam quotes

61.) “Two rules for peaceful life, depression in failure should never go to heart and ego in success should never go to brain.”

62.) “Never change your originality for the sake of others. Because no one can play your role better than you.”

63.) “Sometimes we don’t need advice, we just need somebody to listen.”

64.) “The future starts from today, not tomorrow.”

65.) “Direction is more important than speed in life.”

Final thoughts

We’ll always remember the legend late dr apj Abdul Kalam for his best and renowned works he did for all of us throughout his life. His teachings and sayings always promote humbleness and care towards other humans to lead a beautiful life together. Quotes about apj Abdul Kalam can really help you evolve your life and be humble and caring. 

Did you like our collection of inspirational quotes on apj Abdul Kalam ? If yes, do let us know in the comment section provided below.


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