Motivational Bodybuilding Quotes For Gym Lover

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Building a good physique isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, time, dedication, and most importantly motivation. You have worked hard consistently to achieve your fitness goal but in order to be consistent, we need motivation that keeps us going. These motivation bodybuilding quotes might help you to keep motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

If you are a gym lover or looking for some motivational workout quotes and captions for bodybuilding then these bodybuilding transformation quotes might help you.

Given below are some best bodybuilding quotes that will surely motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

Bodybuilding quotes to help you lift more weight

1.) “There are two types of pain in this world. Pain that hurts you and pain that changes you.”

2.) “Life is a battle. But, don’t worry, you’re gonna lift heavy and win it too.”

3.) “Never underestimate the power of wide-grip pull-ups to develop width and size.”

4.) “Will power is a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets.”

5.) “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

6.) “One day this pain will make sense to you.”

7.) “Not everyone can afford a good physique because you can’t borrow dedication from a bank.”

8.) “Gym. Here you train your mind to be strong. The body just follows.”

9.) “Don’t lose your hunger. Stay focused. Keep grinding until something happens.”

10.) “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Motivation bodybuilding quotes (Images)

11.) “A well built physique is more than vanity, it shows discipline dignity, and dedication. It requires patience, passion and self respect. It cannot be bought, stolen, or inherited. It cannot be held onto without constant work.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

12.) “Blood, sweat & respect. First two you give, last one you earn.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

13.) “Don’t complain. Enjoy the pain.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

14.) “You can have results or excuses. Not both.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

15.) “It comes down to one simple thing: how bad do you want it?

Bodybuilding Quotes

16.) “Success comes with a price. Sweat is the payment.”

17.) “Working out may seem hard but it’s a lost easier when you have a motive.”

18.) “Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for progress.”

19.) “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

20.) “Everyday is a great day when you train.”

Bodybuilding transformation quotes

21.) “Everything I was afraid of already happened to me, so I fear nothing.”

22.) “Forget the mistake, remember the lesson. Come stronger, conquer.”

23.) “Make today a successful day put your heart and soul into it and train harder than yesterday.”

24.) “If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.”

25.) “What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow.”

26.) “It hurts now but one day it will be your warm up.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

27.) “Sometimes I feel like giving up, then I remember I have a lot motherfuckers to prove wrong.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

28.) “Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it. They did it.”

Bodybuilding Quotes

29.) “Lift heavy until it’s not heavy anymore.”

30.) “Work until your idols become your rivals.”

Captions for bodybuilding

31.) “Sometimes a workout is all the therapy you need.”

32.) “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is real gains.”

33.) “Decide what you want, write it down, make a plan, work on it every single day.”

34.) “You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.”

35.) “The gym is my calm in the chaos. In I went with a broken spirit, out I came with an unbreakable will.”

36.) “Behind every inch of muscle that they can see, there’s hours of hard work that they can’t.”

37.) “The gym taught me if something’s pulling me down, it’s also teaching me to pull myself up with greater force.”

38.) “Choosing a bodybuilding goal and sticking to it changes everything.”

39.) “Your attitude and dedication on daily basis will determine your heights.”

40.) “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

Motivation workout quotes

41.) “Seriously addicted to lifting.”

42.) “I train everyday to become a better version of me.”

43.) “A body left undeveloped is just wasted ammunition.”

44.) “Working out makes me feel free and alive.”

45.) “Summer bodies are built in the winter.”

46.) “Pain is a gift. Instead of avoiding it, learn to embrace it. Without pain there is no growth.”

47.) “I just wanna eat a lot, laugh a lot, love a lot, work hard, travel the world and lift a lots of heavy weight.”

48.) “Consistency doesn’t mean never missing up, it means never giving up.’

49.) “If you start loving your body, nothing can stop you.”

50.) “Our physique is a proof that we are not afraid of getting hurt to get what we want.”

Best bodybuilder quotes

51.) “It took me 20 years of hard training to get the physique I have today. What you need is what I had, believe in yourself.”

52.) “The harder the journey, the stronger you will become.”

53.) “People will question all the good things they hear about you, but believe all the bad without a second thought.”

54.) “Miracle start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.”

55.) “They tell me to stop because I’m good enough what they don’t know, is that I am just getting started.”

56.) “You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.”

57.) “No one can break me down and nothing will stop me from reaching my goals.”

58.) “Nothing grows in your comfort zone.”

59.) “It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.”

60.) “Sometimes you feel like you are not improving, check an old picture of yourself how far you’ve come.”

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