Fables and the Art of Leadership

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Mr Roger’s way of thinking about leadership and how Ian and Donna decided to see this skill.

Leadership is necessary to progress in any field, whether at work or in one’s personal life; however, studying leadership is difficult due to the many differing viewpoints held by the authors, who believe that it is something that is either born with or developed, or that it is a skill that is focused on a specific area, leading us to believe that whoever discovered the formula to effectively impact the masses like a leader discovered the secret of the blue unicorn, when in reality, it does not.

Leadership is an art and art is a form of expression. We learn to express ourselves when we are children and our way of doing it at that age will determine how we will express ourselves as we grow up. “Learning to lead is a child’s game” was Mr. Roger’s way of thinking and this is how Ian and Donna decided to see this skill.

“Fables and the Art of Leadership” is a book that shows you how to develop healthy and effective leadership skills in such a simple way that a child could understand it, it takes you by the hand through small stories and fables in order for you to see leadership in third person being able to reflect as the story progresses.

He uses 8 stories from various segments of the Make-Believe neighborhood, using all kinds of elements, he teaches children with puppets and adults in songs, his interest is that it is entertaining and easy to understand information for all ages.

They believe that the children of yesterday are the corporate minded bosses of today and that the children of today will be the corporate minded bosses of tomorrow … But it is never too late to become a leader worthy of admiration.

The book seeks you to adopt the 7C’s, which are: Connect, cencern, creativity, communication, consciousness, courage and Community. In addition to being applied to the Make-Believe scenarios, these concepts are discussed in order – from least to most complex – as readers look to develop their own leadership roles.

It’s a fact that every kid wanted to be Mister Rogers’ neighbor. Fred Rogers hosts this gentle, thoughtful children’s show and he treats kids like intelligent people who deserve programming just as good as that for adults. 

The book seeks to apply the wisdom of Mister Rogers to the Workplace brings those same values and philosophy of Fred Rogers in order to take them to the specific place where they are most needed – to you at your workplace. It is aimed at today’s managers and executives, but it is effective for anyone who applies it in any area of ​​life who aspires to become a better leader.


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