Four Reasons to Hire a Cuddle Therapist

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The benefits of cuddling are widely recognized, both in physical and emotional terms. It releases oxytocin, the love hormone, which helps with anxiety, depression, and loneliness. It is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the wellness industry. After two years working as a cuddle therapist, Davies has found love in her job, and has found her career passion. However, her family was initially unsure of her new career path.

Professional cuddle therapists are trained in platonic touch

Cuddle Therapy is a form of alternative wellbeing based on the basic human need for touch. By sharing platonic touch, the therapist can reduce symptoms of societal overuse of technology and human contact breakdown. Clients experience lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Cuddle therapists are qualified to provide this service in hospitals, maternal health centers, and private sessions. For more information on Cuddle Therapy, visit

The process of becoming a cuddlist requires a rigorous training program that includes an evaluation with a specially trained cuddlist and practicum. The cost of a cuddling session is typically $80 an hour, although this can vary by city. Some professional cuddlers offer group cuddle parties, which cost around $20 an hour per person. A Cuddle Party is similar to group therapy. Participants agree to abide by a code of conduct and video chats before meeting in person.

While cuddling is not sexual, it is highly effective in healing past trauma. A cuddler who is properly trained in this technique can make a huge difference in the lives of their clients. The benefits of cuddling are not limited to enhancing the health of the client, but can be used to improve the quality of life for both parties. However, cuddling sessions should never be confused with sex work, as it is often associated with a negative connotation.

A board member compared the cuddling complaint to a massage therapist who teaches karate. He noted that if the massage board were to act on a cuddle complaint, it would not be relevant because the massage profession does not involve sexual activity. Nonetheless, the board found that Woodward’s cuddling business was not violating massage laws. Cuddlist’s board found that the cuddling business was not in violation of the law, but it did order Woodward to separate his cuddling and massage businesses and maintain separate websites.

1. They engage in nonsexual physical intimacy

Having trouble getting a date? Consider hiring a cuddle therapist. This professional will help you connect with a stranger and engage in nonsexual physical intimacy. These professionals also help you connect with a therapist who is compatible with your needs and desires. Some of them are also trained in helping clients overcome their fear of intimacy. Here are four reasons why you should hire a cuddle therapist:

Massage therapists cannot engage in sexual activity with their clients. However, cuddling may not violate the law in Arizona. According to the state board of massage therapy, “Massage therapists may not engage in sexual activity with their clients.” However, Woodward’s attorney argued that the woman had no legal right to file a complaint because she was not a massage client.”

Nonsexual physical intimacy is crucial to a couple’s sex life. A typical couple should experience five episodes of nonsexual touch for every one sexual encounter. That is a ratio of 15:1. In addition, you should touch your partner several times a day, allowing your closeness to naturally develop. Similarly, cuddle therapists may encourage clients to engage in nonsexual touch several times a day.

The slippery slope argument is another argument against using cuddle therapists. This relates to the fear of therapists using their power in a way that can cause harm or exploitation to their clients. The slippery slope argument, in essence, suggests that touch is not a necessary part of the therapeutic relationship, and therefore should not be used as a strategy in psychotherapy. It is based on the idea that nonsexual touching can lead to sexual relationships.

2. They build a verbal and physical rapport with clients

According to a Cuddlist code of ethics, clients must be at least 18 years old and the session must not involve touching genitals or exchanging bodily fluids. The practitioner and client both handle payment and confidentiality, and the client and cuddler must be of good moral character and have a positive attitude. Cuddle therapists typically have 20-30 clients during their busiest years.

While cuddling is similar to massage therapy, cuddlists build a verbal and physical rapport. They work to establish a client’s boundaries and needs, and they do so by engaging in a consultation through Zoom. The cuddler helps the client establish boundaries and discuss consent. Clients are encouraged to speak up about their feelings or remain silent during the session.

The physical and verbal rapport developed between the client and the cuddler is crucial to the success of cuddling. Cuddle therapists use the language of emotional awareness to build rapport. When a client requests that a stranger stroke his or her hair, the cuddler must feel vulnerable to the client and be able to caress back. In this way, the client and cuddler build a mutual respect and trust.

The therapeutic process begins with the initial counseling sessions. Counselors learn about the client’s issues and develop treatment plans. Clients’ body language can be a helpful nonverbal cue, but it’s important to keep the boundary in place to avoid hurtful and damaging behaviors. Relationships begin with rapport. Relationships develop when touch is present, and touch can be a powerful way to build rapport.

3. Cuddle Therapist offer overnight stays

Acupressure is not the only option for couples seeking a cuddle therapist, but some companies have added an overnight stay option to their services. A cuddle session can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an entire day. The prices for an hour-long session are about $100, while an overnight stay will cost about $400. The services are also paid for by the clients, who are reimbursed for their travel costs.

Julie first heard about cuddle therapy from an Oregon company, “Cuddle Up to Me.” She applied with her photo and phone number, and she received a call from Evan Carp, who had already hired her.

Samantha Hess, a professional cuddler, opened a storefront in November and charges $1 per minute. Overnight gigs are $400. Clients are invited to the cuddler’s bedroom, and she insists on platonic cuddling. The cuddle-for-hire business has exploded. Thousands of customers have already signed up to hire a cuddler in one of 16 states. Clients report that they feel a therapeutic effect from the sessions.

Despite the popularity of the business, some businesses have been shut down for alleged prostitution. Nonetheless, despite these setbacks, the industry continues to grow. Some companies have adopted strict rules to prevent prostitution. A Madison, Wisconsin cuddler, for example, smoked pot while working with clients. Another Snuggle House employee, Stephanie Hurtado, engaged in a light “fetish” behavior that included touching a client’s stockings.

Cuddle therapy can be very expensive, costing up to $100 per hour. However, it is a form of holistic healing that includes elements of massage and psychological counseling. For those suffering from PTSD, post-election emotional distress, or holiday-related stress, cuddling can be a great option. Whether you’re a married couple looking for a sexy getaway, a professional cuddler can help.

4. Cuddle Therapist have a code of conduct

A professional Cuddle Therapist has a code of conduct, which stipulates that a session will be conducted in a private, non-judgmental space, with the client remaining awake and fully aware and consenting to the touching. The Cuddle Therapist’s attire must be modest, i.e. shorts to mid-thigh. In addition, the Cuddle Therapist must refrain from pursuing sexual arousal with the client. All touching should be non-sexual, and the two parties should discuss any concerns before proceeding.

A complaint filed against Woodward alleges that the Arizona woman she saw in April was sexually inappropriate, despite the fact that she opted for the treatment. In the complaint, the woman said she asked for naked cuddles with the cuddler, and was instructed by Woodward to rest her head on his breasts. While Woodward and his attorney did not respond to The Republic’s request for comment, they provided a 10-page written response to the Arizona massage board.

The Calia Cuddle Therapist Code of Conduct requires members to follow a code of ethics. The aim is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for clients and therapists to interact. Guests must disclose any health concerns, discomfort, or other issues to the cuddle therapist before arriving. Clients should also maintain a clean, sanitary environment before their arrival. Those who practice cuddle therapy are also prohibited from using violence or using judgments.

The state massage board oversees 11,000 therapists and has the authority to suspend or revoke a license. In the case of Woodward, it was found that the practice was not illegal and that there was no evidence of sexual activity between the client and the therapist. However, Woodward was ordered by the board to separate his massage and cuddle business, and to maintain a separate website.


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