Funny and interesting text games to play with both guys and girls

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At times, when you’re really bored and cannot find any topics to talk about, you can opt for games that you can surely play on the text and you can have fun while having text with your friends. Especially, when you’re away from your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, this kind of fun texts can help you keep closer.

Funny and Interesting Text Games

Even if it is your new friendship with someone, theses games would help you know each other while having fun. There can be no barries named as distance and time when you would be knowing these games to play while you’re texting.

Given below is a list of such funny and interesting text games which will keep you going.

11 Funny and Interesting Text Games

1. Never have I ever

This is one of the most played games when you’re bored and especially when you’re having an alcoholic get together. Generally, it is played in a huge group of friends but it can also be a hit when you play while texting.

One by one each player can tell about a situation which he/she has never come across. The one who has come across the situation earlier will lose a point and would let everyone player how and when he/she created /faced such incident. This game will let you know some amazing secrets of your friends.

2. Would you rather

This is funny as well as an absurd type of game and is mostly played face to face. However, there is no such problem playing it over text. In this game, the player asks some “would you rather” question from another player with a 2-3 equally measured option.

These options can be as weird as the questions. The questions could be personal and with some amazing options. This game is perfect to know the mindset and thought process of your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends. You may choose options that include some thinking and reluctance as well to make it fun.

3. Story telling

This is usually the best game for writers who love to write about fiction and other such genres. It can also be helpful for those who have unique imaginations and can frame interesting plots of stories.

In this game one player frames, the beginning sentences and another player adds on to the second sentence. The first again frames and it is followed by the second player for another sentence. This is how two heads with their individual mindset can complete and originate a great story. This would be your own unique creation.

4. What if?

This game is also a creative game, in this game you would provide another player with a situation or a scenario and ask them to react according to the situation.

There’s no correct/incorrect answer to these question but it enables you to know the mindset of your friends or partner. You can ask any questions and can wait for the interesting replies.

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This is one of the best games played online over texts. This game is played with the name of people, could be from your friends list as well as your enemy list.

In this game, one player would text another player’s name of the person another player would tell whether they want to kill, kiss or marry the person.

Funny and interesting text games

6. Truth| Dare| Situation

This is the most common game and is played by all of us at some point in life. Although we kept playing it in house parties we can also play it over texts and have the same fun.

You basically have a choice to choose between truth, dare, and situation. If someone chooses a dare you must provide the person with any fun task with proof of completion. If you choose the truth, you have to answer a question truly. At least, if you choose a situation, you must answer a situation asked by the opposite player.

7. Funny pictures

This game is not a sheer texting game, rather it is a picture game. All you need to do is search crazy, funny and silly pictures and send it to your friends to make them laugh till getting a stomach ache. The picture could be of anything, you can also choose particular categories.

8. Celebrity friendship

This is an interesting game, you just have to pretend to be a celebrity and talk to your partner and act like those celebrities, this is like initiating them by talking like them on the text. You can also choose a singer, movie character, the choice is yours.

9. Fill in the blanks

This is the funniest and suspense headed game that can help someone know all about your feelings. This can be the first game with your boyfriend/girlfriend or crush.

You can know someone’s feelings towards you. All you need to do is write whatever you want to know with a blank in the sentences. For example, I_____ you, your partner can fill anything in this blank and maybe you would become happiest.

10. Emoji translation

This is also a fun texting game you can play from your smartphones and have lots of fun. There are emoji in our smartphone and every emojis has some meaning.

You can use any of the emotion and send that to another player and that player has to desire the meaning of that emoji and it would be so much fun cracking different meaning of emoji.

Another thing you can do is to send those emojis rather than using words. And then ask the other player to crack the meaning of the sentence. This will keep you busy while having fun.

11. Atlas

It is the most common game we’ve played along with the fun and suspense it can also help to improve the general knowledge. We’ve played this game in our school era but it’s yet not outdated.

All you have to do is start from the letter A and write the name of places, such as continents, countries, states, provinces, etc and offer it get started every player would take a name of any such place with the last letter of the last name of the place.


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