How Charli XCX Achieves Her Faux Bleached Eyebrows

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Have you been wondering how Charli XCX achieves her fabulous faux bleached eyebrows? Here, we reveal the steps to create these stunning brows. Featured in Burberry’s AW20 show, the fake brows are now available through Burberry Beauty. This make-up artist shares her secrets and tips for achieving the look. This look is quick and easy to achieve – and even better, it’s temporary!

Charli XCX’s faux bleached eyebrows

Charli XCX’s bleached eyebrows have been making a comeback lately, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lizzo. The barely-there brow trend is making a big comeback too, with a DIY brow bleaching hack that has been trending on TikTok. The trick uses bleach to give you a natural-looking brow shape, while giving you a lot of extra space on your lid.

The singer posted pictures of herself with bleached eyebrows on Instagram, captioning them, and showcasing her sexy makeup and brow bone. Fans were shocked by the look, which she paired with cat-eye eyeliner and blown-out hair. However, the actress’ faux-bleached eyebrows are not as extreme as the results Charli achieved, and many fans aren’t afraid to give it a try themselves.

Charli XCX’s fake bleached eyebrows

The internet is going crazy over the new look of Charli XCX’s bleached eyebrows. After all, the singer’s recent Instagram photos were a sight to behold. Not only did she rock a bleached arch, but she also made sure to wear a lot of eyeliner and her hair was blown out for a dramatic effect. It’s safe to say that bleached eyebrows are here to stay, and many women have been copying the look.

Charli XCX’s new album was recorded during a six-week COVID-19 lockdown, and she went all out on her look at the GQ awards in London. The singer wore a risque black dress, silver spiked heels, and a pair of statement diamond earrings. She topped off her look with smokey brown eye makeup and wet-look hair behind her ears. She also wore a white protective face mask, revealing a few layers of red hair that she grew in.

Charli XCX’s temporary bleached eyebrows

After posting photos of herself with bleached eyebrows to Instagram, singer Charli XCX has sparked a huge hair and makeup frenzy. The singer created a shadowy brow arch that was complemented by a double-winged brow. It was only a matter of time before fans were trying out the look as well. Whether you opt for an extreme look like Charli XCX or a more natural one, the bleached brow trend is here to stay.

One of the easiest ways to recreate the look of Charli XCX’s bleached eyebrows is to apply multiple layers of concealer, one on each brow. Apply concealer in a thin layer and blend it in with the natural brow hair, making sure to brush it through to create even layers. If your brows are thin, apply more concealer to achieve the desired intensity.

A few weeks ago, the singer shared a photo of herself with bleached eyebrows and documented the entire process on her Instagram Stories. The singer and DNA cofounder captioned the photo with a “#selfie,” in which she showed off her bleached brows. Several stars, including Lady Gaga, have also opted for the trend. The bleaching process is safe and easy, so it’s a great option for those who don’t want to commit to permanent brow color changes.

While the pop star has always been open to wild beauty trends, she took the trend even further in 2021 when she chose to go blonde and pixie cut. The singer’s total transformation sent her fans for a loop, and was compared to Mary J. Blige and Trisha Paytas. The bleached brow trend is now mainstream and has found a place in high fashion as well.

The bleaching process can be expensive, but it’s a safe and effective way to achieve the look. You can use concealer, full-coverage foundation, setting powder, and pale eyeshadow. For a more dramatic effect, you can even wear bright eyeshadow on top of your bleached eyebrows. Whether you’re looking for a subtle look or want to go all out, the bleached brows will make your face look a million times better.


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