Weight loss- A step by step guide

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Good food, good life. Food is all we need and food is all we want. Either you’re sad, or you’re happy one thing than can always lift up your mood is food. However, the food we like to eat is not always our body needs to be in shape. Staying fit and healthy is nowadays a mandatory prospect in our to-do lists. 

Everybody is beautiful, however, a body with low or no amount of fat is the best and disease-free. It’s not that slim bodies are disease-free but they’re at a low risk from problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, joint pain, high cholesterol, etc. along with diseases it makes you look odd and unattractive to others and as compared to fit people you tend to be lazier and unhealthy.

How to lose weight?

In order to make your body fit and fine, you surely need to lose those extra pounds visible on your stomach and other body parts. A healthy body is a place where you find a healthy mind. If you’re overweight, there’s no problem losing a few lbs of weight in order to look much healthier as well as prettier. Being fit is a gift to look beautiful and adorable and this should be acquired by everyone.

Given below are some quick tips on how to lose weight effectively while you start to do so. These quick tips can help you start your weight loss journey and lose weight to look attractive and fit physically as well as mentally. These suggestions can be followed easily while following up with your normal daily schedule.

How to lose weight?

1. Avoid junk food

The first for which you really need to make up your mind is to avoid junk and unhealthy food that is full of calories and carbs. Junk or outside food multiplies the calories in your body and can lead to obesity. These foods are also high in carbs and can also increase your cholesterol levels. Saying no to these favorite food of yours is really not possible but one needs to limit themselves and to cut the portions initially. 

2. Workout regularly

It’s always 70% diet and 30% workout when you plan to shed some extra pounds. It’s important to work out at least 2 hours a day and 5 days a week if you’re onto a weight loss goal. You must perform a mixed workout session including cardio as well as functional training in order to lose weight and keep your body active. Workout is mandatory to lose the extra pounds when you’re on a weight loss journey. The more you physically drain your body, the more fat you’re gonna lose.

3. Drink enough water

Water is the best detox anyone could ever wish for. As much as you drink water, the more fresh and active you feel. Drinking water increases your metabolism as well as removes unwanted toxins from the body in order to keep you fit and detox. Water is life, it’s the solution to everything and every other problem. At least 10 liters of water should be consumed by an individual to avoid extra body weight and healthy skin.

4. Eat protein rich breakfast

Yes, it’s true that we should never skip breakfast as it plays an important role in our diet. Breakfast should always be your first meal of the day as well as it should be full of protein and fiber. You may include eggs(4 egg whites) in your breakfast with two slices of whole wheat bread. This would fulfill the protein category of your healthy diet. Protein is the key ingredient in a weight loss journey and should also be given extra attention.

5. Switch to green tea and black coffee

Instead of milk tea and shakes, you may go for black coffee before workout and green tea in the evening. Green tea has antioxidants that help you stay active and loose fat effectively. Whereas, black coffee helps you to increase metabolism and gives you extra energy while you workout. Say no to milk tea or heavy espresso coffees, rather switch to healthy green tea to stay active and fat free.

6. Keep track of your calorie intake

Whatever you eat in a day, you must make sure, you do not consume more calories than your body needs according to your body weight. Consult your dietitian for a low-calorie diet that can help you lose weight effectively. The number of calories you consume should be in a track as you may know how much calories your body needs and how much you actually burn. Extra calorie intake won’t help you to lose weight.

7. Get a sound sleep

Sleeping for less than 5-6 hours can result in obesity and excessive weight gain as sleep plays an important role in the betterment and balance of our body. Sound sleep doesn’t mean you sleep the whole day as well as one night, but sleeping for at least 8-9 hours is essential. Sleeping releases various hormones that help the body to avoid weight gain or fluctuations in body weight.

8. Eat fibrous food

Fibre is an essential content for the human body and often leads to weight loss. Fibre helps you feel full and doesn’t let you feel hungry for long hours. The more fibre you consume the stronger will be your digestive system, due to which it will be easy to shed the extra pounds that too easily.


  • Drink enough water
  • Take warm lemon honey water empty stomach 
  • Eat high protein breakfast 
  • Avoid sugary and soda drinks
  • Avoid unsaturated fat
  • Workout one hour daily 
  • Say no to junk food 
  • Avoid heavy meals at night

Final Words

Staying healthy and fit is not a 6-month goal, fitness is lifelong and is a schedule. When you think about shedding the extra pounds, it seems to be difficult although it is, but once you step into it you’ll go a long way fulfilling all your body goals. Stay fit, stay healthy!


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