Maintain your healthy hair with these easy tips

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Whenever we see a person, there’s something that has an impact on us. The first thing we notice after seeing someone is their face and just after that is the hair. Hair plays an important role in the appearance of an individual, to make them look beautiful and healthy is one of the important aspect we must care about. 

There are numerous questions people worry about, to shampoo daily or to not? To use conditioner every time or not? To set them free or not? To apply oil or not? To color them or not? Mothers will ask you to oil them whereas your hairstylist would recommend not to oil them and rather go for hair masks and spas.

How to maintain healthy hair naturally?

Haircare is essential and to maintain healthy hair is not so easy these days when trends and fashion contradict with fast and busy lives. This is the point where the hair care doesn’t find its way and your hair starts to get affected simultaneously. Haircare should be given equal importance like that to our body and skincare to make our appearance more impactful.

Given below are a few things you must include in your life to maintain your hair and make them adorable without any special treatment or professional products. These are home remedies that won’t harm you or ask you to spend a lot of money on them instead they can provide you with amazing results and appropriate treatment for healthy hair.

How to maintain healthy hair naturally?

1. Eat right

Your diet plays an important role in upgrading and degrading your hair quality. Iron and protein are two main ingredients to add life to your hair. You must include iron-rich food in your diet such as green leafy vegetables, cereals, fish etc. Protein-rich foods such as soybeans, yogurt, cheese, chickpeas, etc will help in strengthening your hair. Food and nutrition plays an important role in maintaining smooth and healthy hair. The food you eat can be seen on your hair growth clearly.

2. Do not shampoo everyday

Shampoos contain various chemicals such as sulfate and soaps to wash out the dirt off the hair and can be harsh if used daily. You must wash your hair with shampoo when needed, generally thrice a week on an average and not more. Washing your hair very often can eventually damage your hair and make them weak and dry. 

3. Opt for natural options

Nowadays, the labels at the back of the bottle of your shampoo are being given importance and therefore, Sulphate has been said to be unhealthy for your hair. There are various brands which do provide sulfate-free shampoo options to maintain healthy and stronger hair. Using natural remedies such as aloe vera or curd can help you make your hair strong and smooth.

4. Deep conditioning

You must always use conditioner after washing your hair but only on the hair and not on the roots of hair or the scalp. However, this is not totally true. You may use the conditioner this way but to enhance conditioning, you must use it on your scalp at least once in 10 days with the help of a broad comb, in order to endure proper conditioning. Conditioning is an important step in the journey of hair care and should be done frequently.

5. Avoid coloring

According to current trends and styles, hair coloring is definitely in these days. However, you can try it but if actually suffer from frizzy and dry hair you must avoid coloring and keep your hair natural. People with silky and undamaged hair can take chance as the color has numerous chemicals that surely damage the hair gradually and make them weaker. Be happy with your natural hair color to avoid damage and breakage of hair.

6. Say no to electrical heat

Straightening and curling are the most common hairstyles at present. However, the heat expelled by the curler or other gadgets damages the hair and eventually burn them, making them weaker.  Rather you can look for some ideas to curl your hair naturally.  If you’re running really short of time and have to use the electric curler or straightener you must apply a serum to your hair. However, try your best to stay away from electronic heat devices to maintain the strength of your hair.

7. Oiling

No conditioner can work better than olive oil to nourish your hair naturally. You must apply some olive oil with a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder at least once a week; to avoid damage, dandruff, and enhance the softness of the hair. Oiling does not only makes your hair smooth but also makes them stronger and healthier than ever. Oiling can also treat damage and other breakage problem. 

8. Homemade Hair masks

Hair masks can do a lot when you need to take care of your beautiful and adorable hair. Maintaining healthy hair naturally is always possible at home with some very easy home remedies and masks made at home. One such hair mask for strong hair is the onion aloe vera mask; take an onion to grind it in a mixer, keep it’s juice apart. Take a strip of aloe vera plant, separate the gel and mix with onion juice. Apply this mask on your hair before shampoo for half n hour. Rinse after 30 minutes and use a mild shampoo to get rid of the smell. 

You’ll be able to see healthy and soft hair from the roots itself.

Final Words

Healthy hair is everyone’s want these days, your beauty lies in your hair. The beautiful your hair is, the more adorable you look. Keeping your hair smooth and maintaining healthy hair naturally is no more a hectic schedule you can just do it by some quick tips that can be attained in daily life without any hassle. One must always treat their hair in a way that you can make them healthy and softer.

General tip – 

  • Do not comb wet hair Swiftly, it can break a lot of hair, use a broad tooth comb and comb gradually. 
  • Trim your hair after every 2-3 months to avoid split ends and tail like hair at ends. 
  • Use natural hair masks rather than clinical products and treatments.
  • use coconut or olive oil for hair massage along with some lemon juice or curd.

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