How to stay happily single

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Life is miserable and there are various issues we encounter each and every day. All we need is a happy life either alone or with someone. Being single is not a status, rather its an emotion. It’s a symbol of self-sufficiency and self-love with less or no mental stress. Being single is not pessimistic, rather its an opportunity to gain access to the real world with enhanced options.

Being single or alone is sometimes not only a happy or personal choice but it can also come up due to relationship problems. In relationships, there are numerous ups and downs along with several issues and fights. Once at a time, we are unable to suffer more and choose to end the toxic relationship and move on. Moving on is difficult, especially when you loved someone with all your heart. But it’s never impossible to do something that is good for you.

Moving on from a relationship is actually very difficult when you really loved someone who’s no more into you or things are not in your favor. However, it’s nothing to worry so much about, as whatever happens there’s a reason behind it. Being single is no problem at all until and unless you love yourself and know how to value your own self.

Given below are some suggestions that can actually help you to come out of the traumatic relationship and enjoy singlehood. The most important aspect one should never give up is self-esteem and self-love. 

How to stay single happily?

How to stay single happily?

1. Develop hobbies

You may do things that you actually cherish and love to do. That activity could be anything that helps you gain joy and happiness. This would definitely help you overcome your past. Hobbies can help you spend time in some really interesting and fun stuff and you’ll forget all your worries and pessimism in life. Perusing hobbies can let you stay happy and lively with less or no stress.

2. Start bettering yourself

The most important characteristic of your life is you. Your mental and physical health, you must give some time to your body by working out for at least an hour. Physical activity doesn’t only make you physically fit but also lifts up your mood. Bettering yourself means lifting your mood, or changing the habits that lead to heartbreak and much expectations. Once you start loving yourself, nothing can break you.

3. Hangout

Hanging out with friends is never a bad idea, in fact, it helps you enjoy and forget everything that’s toxic. Friends are actually the best therapy one can always rely on. Spending time outside will make you cheerful and lively. Hanging out is always the best idea to get rid of sorrow and pain. The more you expose yourself to the outer world, the more you gain joy and happiness.

4. Enjoy your own company

Even if you’re single by your own choice, you must know that you are what you want, you are enough for yourself. Things will automatically fall onto their place when you treat yourself better. You are what you need, you don’t need someone to make you feel happy or satisfy you mentally. People have the audacity to stay single and feel they’re on the top of the world. A partner is not a part of your body without whom you’re nothing.

5. Share your feelings

Life is very complex and we eventually need someone to share what all we are going through. Not necessarily with your boyfriend, instead, it could be anyone whom you trust. Your friends and family are the best people to share your feelings and feel sublime out of the pessimistic situation. Sharing your problems helps you express yourself and get a better meaning of life as well as a better and mindful solution to your calamities.

6. Welcome new people

Meeting new people doesn’t mean to find another partner for your living. It means one should find new friends if you don’t have many of them who can actually lift your mood up. Use your time in getting to know new people, their habits, their ways of tackling life, and how they managed the situations that you’re going through.

7. Travel

Traveling is the best way to gather new memories, meet new people, and explore different surroundings. This helps in enjoying life to the fullest and in experiencing new tracks of life. The more you travel, the less you’re stressed. Keep on going and visiting new places either alone or with your family. When you visit different places, acquire different languages, food, cultures you get to know life is much more beautiful than you thought. It’s not just a relationship that makes you happy but so many other beautiful things that are way more adorable.

8. Pursue your goals

Singlehood is always the best aspect to achieve all your goals as there’s no one to pull you apart from your dreams. You don’t have to think about anyone else while developing aims and goals. All you need is confidence and motivation and you can rule the world all on your own. Your goals are the milestones towards success. If you have goals you can reach them gracefully and achieve whatever you want. Whatever you want to be done just work hard for it, and you’ll achieve all the happiness when you achieve your goal.

Final Words

Being single is a state when you can enjoy your life to the fullest, live as you want, do what you want to, and ultimately you get to stay happy and lively. Don’t waste this time in blaming yourself or the situation, instead find the good things and keep on going with your adventures of life. Life is as beautiful as a sunset only if you look at it that way. Stay strong, love yourself.


  • Don’t complain about being single.
  • Help yourself with good reads or series to watch.
  • Use your time in transforming your body and achieving body goals.
  • Stay strong, happy and focused on what you’re doing.
  • Meditate if you don’t find peace.

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