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Relationships are one of the most amazing, important, and precious things of one’s life. Each and every relationship is special in its own way and is very important for any person to maintain one. Relationships are not only about talking to one another, hanging out and being attracted. Moreover, its much of sacrifices, understanding, the decision of never giving up, and so on. 

A relationship is a never a bed of roses, even if you think it is, even the beautiful looking roses have thorns that make them a bit vulnerable. That’s what actually relationships are, one must go under various things that might force them to get over it or revoke it completely. However, if you’re really into love it’s better to sort out things and reimburse the spark again. 

How to take a relationship longer?

Relationships cannot always turn to be easy to handle, there are hurdles, milestones, cheering, and whatnot. One and the only way to take your relationship longer is to hold onto a person you actually love and ignore all their flaws and mistakes. Ignorance doesn’t really mean to accept the actual negativity or cheating but to adjust if your partner is really guilty about the mistake they’ve done. 

Being with someone is never easy nor effortless, efforts are the key ingredient to make any relationship work and go longer. One needs to know the hurdles and how to overcome them in a positive way to keep your relationship going. Making efforts is simple than regretting later on for the things you did not do to save your relationship.

Given below are some ways that can really help you to keep yourself going and keeping the relationship lively and to take it forever. 

1. Communicate frequently

One needs to communicate throughout the day to know what your partner is all about. People like someone who cares about what they’re doing throughout the day. Whether it’s good or even bad, having someone in front of whom you can speak your heart out is a true blessing as well as it makes you strong and optimistic in life.

2. Be a passive listener

After a bad or even a good day, we need someone to hear us and tell us what is good and what’s not. Don’t just get rid of long talks or problem discussions rather listen to your partner and make them feel good. Listening to your partner’s things or issues will let them know how much you care about them and their emotional state. This is will increase and shape your bonding and make your relationship healthiest.

3. Don’t lie

Whether its a relationship or friendship lies destroy both simultaneously. Even when you think you can hide something, it somehow comes out of the box and starts breaking your relationship. Not keeping the real facts in front of your better half is creating an uneven mess in your lives. Why to lie when you’ve thought of living together, loving each other. Speak it out!

4. Stay calm

We all have fights in relationships, wise decisions of all is to stay calm when your partner is hyper and out of control. Let them understand later on what was the problem and where and why were you wrong. Staying calm and easy reducing more than 50% of the problems of a relationship. The person who’s not calm can lead the relationship towards a drastic end out of nowhere.

5. Make your partner feel special

Everyone loves to feel special and also to be felt loved especially by your loved one. You may never leave a chance to make your partner feel loved because of you. Feeling special doesn’t only mean expensive dates or gifts. This Pleasure can be in little things too. This quality is not only about spending money and stuff like gifts, it can be seen even by small or minimal gestures.

6. Keep the spark alive 

 As time passes, the relationship tends to be older and things become ordinary. This happens in every happy relationship too, but that’s the most crucial time when you can save your relationship. Even if you tend to lose interest and don’t feel lively you must try your best to find good things to do together and spend some quality time. Pulling each other’s leg, irritating sweetly, and even making fun is a way to keep the spark alive. PS: do not cross your limits.

7. Make some happy memories

Even when you’re far away or apart from each other or even if things are falling down from the place, your memories will consolidate everything and bring you back together. Just remember how much you both love each other and the promises you made to stay together forever. Memories can be your best mediator whenever you have a fight, just remember something cute and don’t ever get enough of your partner.

8. Observe your partner

Emotional and physical observation plays a vital role in a happy relationship. When you know how to observe your partner you know everything about them as well as your relationship. The way they behave, they talk, the way your partner reacts help you understand in what mental state you are. Once you find a change in their reaction, don’t make it worse but understand what they’re going through and why is that change there. Try to understand what is not being said and is not expressed.

9. Appreciate them

Appreciation and love is an essential component of any relationship. The praise given by someone makes everything worth longing, the person feels loved and happy about the way you react to them. Even if it is a little thing, appreciation can make your partner feel good about themselves. If one feels good about him or her self they’re in a happy and jolly mood.


Relationships are an important aspect of everyone’s life and should be given extra care and support to take them longer. Spending time and understanding your partner is the most essential thing one can do. Give adequate attention to your partner and let them know how much you love them even when they are at their worst.

Showing interest in your partner as well as in your relationship can surely help you on how to take your relationship longer and stay happier. Understanding your better half is really important when you’re into someone, you want to spend your life with them. The better your understanding is, the longer is your relationship.


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