Is NINU a Smart Perfume?

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NINU is a smart perfume that connects with a smartphone app to create a million different scent combinations. Available in three colors, the perfume is designed to suit everyone’s style and personality. It also has a personalized scent recorder, which you can use to improve your fragrance selection. It’s an excellent gadget for people who are conscious of their scent. But is it really that smart? Read on to find out. And remember, you can always download a free trial version of the app!

NINU is a smart perfume

A Slovenian startup has developed a smart perfume device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with an iOS or Android app. Named after Ninu, the first female chemist, this innovation uses an electronic spray bottle connected to an iOS or Android app. This device sprays more than a million fragrances and has an elegant, diminutive exterior. Inside, it holds recyclable glass perfume cartridges. It is completely vegan and uses sourced ingredients, including recycled plastic.

NINU is a smart perfume that combines the convenience of a smartphone with the ability to create custom scents. It works by allowing you to mix scents on demand, and the bottle contains three different fragrance bases. With the app, you can mix scents and adjust the intensity of each to create unique fragrances for different occasions. It is designed to last for several months and can be bought for about $175.

NINU is so smart that it has a smartphone app that lets you choose a fragrance based on the time of day and weather outside. It also has the capacity to track scent preferences and moods. It is so smart that it won the prize for the Most Innovative Perfume Product 2021 award! What makes it so cool? It has the potential to appeal to everyone. Just imagine being able to change your perfume based on your mood.

NINU is a unique fragrance that features a set of different perfumes that work well together. The fragrances are all made by Dominique Moellhausen, a master perfumer based in Milan, Italy. Moelhausen Srl is an innovative family fragrance company with over 50 years of experience. It is a smart perfume, and you’ll find it hard to put it down. In fact, you’ll want to wear it to the office every day.

It allows users to create a million different scent combinations

This AI-powered perfume dispenser can mix and match ingredients to produce a million different combinations, which is very useful for consumers. The software can analyze air scents and learn to use appropriate amounts of certain elements. According to Claire Viola, the vice president of digital strategy for fragrance at Symrise, this technology will help fragrance manufacturers launch their first artificially intelligent fragrances by 2019.

The system is powered by three fragrance bases – Flora for a feminine scent and Aura for a unisex scent – and an artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced app. The app can also suggest fragrances based on your mood, what you’re wearing, and what kind of weather you’re experiencing. With its AI-assisted app, you can create scent combinations based on your mood and the type of environment you’re in.

The company ScenTronix allows customers to design a bespoke scent based on their environment and role in their life. After seven minutes, the software will have created five unique fragrances based on the data provided. The customer can purchase five samples for EUR30. These can then be used to test out the fragrances before buying them. The company is hoping to make perfumes that are more personal to customers than existing ones.

Lumileds, a leading automotive accessories manufacturer, and Inhaleo, a leader in digital scent systems, will announce their partnership at CES 2022. Together, they will distribute the NOMAD SD3 smart scent diffuser, which allows passengers to choose specific scents to reduce stress levels and improve their moods. The companies also plan to integrate their technology with health solutions. It is easy to see why Lumileds, Inhaleo, and Inhaleo are joining forces.

It connects to a smartphone app

The Ninu smart perfume is a multifaceted product. It connects to a smartphone app to provide users with personalized scent recommendations based on the time and weather. Its clever blending system creates a wide variety of scent combinations for a variety of occasions. The NINU won a prize for the “Most Innovative Perfume Product of 2021”.

The NINU SMART PERFUME comes with three customizable fragrance cartridges, a charging cord, and an app that helps users customize the scent to suit their mood. The retail price is $289 USD, EUR259 euros, or PS209, depending on the region. In addition to the smartphone app, a smartphone is required to use the system. The product is currently only available in the US and Europe.

Moodo combines a smart scent box with an app that helps users choose scents to match their moods or preferences. The smartphone app lets users choose fragrances, adjust the intensity, and set the scent’s timer. Moodo is compatible with other smart home devices, including smart alarms. If you’re looking for a unique fragrance, Moodo can help you with that, too.

Another smart fragrance diffuser is the Pura. The Pura app allows users to control its fragrance from anywhere. Its app lets users set schedules for their daily fragrance runs. The app even gives them the option to set custom timers, switch scents, and control the nightlight. The Pura app is available now. This product has a lot to offer. It isn’t for everyone, but many people have found it helpful.

It is available in 3 colors

The Ninu Smart perfume comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white to green. The fragrance is made of extrait de parfum oil concentration. Dominique Moellhausen designed the fragrance, which is made of vegan, paraben, and sulfate-free material. The perfume can even tell you the weather. The perfume has received several awards, including the Most Innovative Perfume Product of 2021.

The fragrances from the smart collection are among the most popular in the world and are worn by almost everyone. These perfumes show the impression you want people to have of you. They portray you as a well-groomed person with good taste and good hygiene. The smell of a foul body odor repels people while a good fragrance will attract people. It also helps to portray you in a positive light.

The smart perfume is priced at $289/PS209 and comes with three different 25-milliliter fragrances. You can mix and match fragrances to create your unique scent and control the amount of each. You can even turn the fragrances on and off or simply choose the auto mode. The perfume will also suggest a fragrance based on the season. While these are hardly the only benefits, the smart perfume may be worth its price.

It is sold on Kickstarter

The Ninu Smart Perfume System is an innovative scent dispenser that uses a unique electronic micro-precision extracting system to spray different fragrances. Users can change between scents by turning the bottle upside down or using higher volume settings. The company plans to ship the product in June 2022. The Kickstarter campaign is a chance to support this innovative product. There are also other rewards for pledging money to the project.

The Smart Perfume comes in three different colors and comes with three 25-milliliter bottles of fragrance. The device can be programmed to mix and load different fragrances for a customized scent. It can be programmed to suggest scents based on the time of day and season. The smart perfume is currently being sold on Kickstarter to raise the money necessary to complete development. While there are many benefits to the Smart Perfume, the price is relatively high, especially when compared to other similar products.

Another smart perfume dispenser is the Pura Scents, which will allow users to customize fragrance releases. The device will hold two perfume bottles and will release them on a specific schedule based on geolocation. The smart dispenser is currently being tested and hopes to raise $50,000 during its pre-order campaign. The company promises to ship the product by Spring 2016.

Another interesting perfume to back on Kickstarter is Eau de Space. The fragrance is designed to be an educational tool for students, and the Kickstarter campaign has already raised $203,000 of its initial goal. Each bottle of Eau de Space costs about $30. There are more than a hundred other scents available, so the Eau de Space scent may become a big hit. The company plans to start mass production once the campaign is over, but the perfume will cost at least $30 to purchase.


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