65 Quotes on Priority in Relationship and Love

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Every day is a second chance to grow yourself and make a way for you and your goals. Priority quotes are the way to make wise decisions and move forward in life. People or things that are important in our life are prioritized by us to make our lives better and more fulfilling. Go through our collection of quotes about priority

Priority is not an emotional concern or a feeling but it’s an aspect every individual throws light on and moves forward in life. Priority is basically importance given to someone to keep them on the top. Quotes on priority can help you make your vision clearer. 

Given below are some motivational priority quotes

Priorities quotes

1.) “If someone is really into you, you don’t have to keep begging them for a text, call, or to spend time. They’ll do it if you’re a priority.”

2.) “Be with someone who makes you their top priority.”

3.) “Always give priority to the ones that make you a priority in their lives.”

4.) “The wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love and commitment. The right person give you these things because they love you.”

5.) “Always remember, someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest in you.”

6.) “Remove yourself from people who treat you like your time doesn’t matter, like your feelings are worthless, or like your soul is replaceable.”

7.) “Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.”

8.) “Too busy” is a myth. People make time for the things that are really important to them.”

9.) “If she’s loyal to you. She shouldn’t be a choice, a thought, or an option, she should be your priority.”

10.) “A real man makes his lady feel like a priority, not an option.”

Priority changes quotes

11.) “Sometimes you need to know your place in someone’s life, because you might get hurt if you expect too much.”

12.) “Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life.”

13.) “Don’t be someone’s downtime, spare time, part time, or sometime. If they can’t be there for you all of the time, then they’re mot even worth your time.”

14.) “Choose people who choose you.”

15.) “I give him so many chances to show me I’m a priority. I think it’s time to realize I’m not.”

16.) “When you know what’s most important to you, making a decision is quite simple.”

17.) “I hope you found someone who isn’t confused about how they feel about you. Someone sure, someone devoted.”

18.) “Sweetheart, the right guy will make you a priority. If you find yourself feeling like you’re not good enough, it’s because he’s not good enough.”

19.) “I’m loyal and no matter how many times my loyalty has been abused, that’s one characteristic of mine I will never change.”

20.) “If I have to ask for your attention, then I don’t even want it.”

Priority quotes about a relationship

21.) “No one is always busy. It just depends on what number you are on their priority list.”

Quotes on Priority

22.) “My mistake was making you a priority, when I was your second choice.”

Quotes on Priority

23.) “Your decision is always in harmony of the priorities you set in your life.”

Quotes on Priority

24.) “Action expresses priorities.”

Quotes on Priority

25.) “We may be unaware of it, but our priorities shape our character.”

Quotes on Priority

26.) “Your priorities aren’t what you say they are. They are revealed by how you live.”

27.) “Become a priority in your life.”

28.) “My goal for the next year is just to fall back in love with myself and the world and life again.”

29.) “I don’t get it. You said I’m important to you but you still make me feel that I’m not worth your time.”

30.) “If you spend too long holding on to the one who treats you like an option, you’ll miss finding the one who treats you like a priority.”

Quotes on priority in love

31.) “If you can go a whole day without talking to me, then go another.”

32.) “One day, I hope you look back at what we had, and regret every single thing you did to let it end.”

33.) “A woman becomes a reflection of how you treat her. If you don’t like how she’s acting, look at how you are treating her.”

34.) “It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.”

35.) “Never put them first, if you always come last. Never give your all, if you only get half.”

36.) “Some talk to you in their free time, and some free their time to talk to you.”

Quotes on Priority

37.) “Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.”

Quotes on Priority

38.) “That’s the problem with putting other people first. You’ve taught them you come second.”

Quotes on Priority

39.) “Love lasts when the relationship comes first.”

40.) “Priorities vary according to wishes.”

Priority matters quotes

41.) “The right one will always make time for you.”

42.) “Any success you achieve at the expense of your family is not real success.”

43.) “Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life.”

44.) “Time changes priorities, priority changes relationship.”

45.) “You deserve to be chosen undoubtedly over and over again.”

46.) “One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change.”

47.) “Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels.”

48.) “I had to forgive a person who wasn’t even sorry.”

49.) “Loyalty is the strongest glue which makes a relationship last for a life time.”

50.) “When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort, not an excuse.”

Self priority quotes

51.) “You’re not selfish for wanting to be treated well.’

52.) “Yes, I love you but I’m done fighting for your attention.”

53.) “Healing is about realizing that what someone did to you was not about you. It was about their own emotional wounds.”

54.) “There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you.”

55.) “How many times will you have to suffer before you realize, you are your first priority.”

56.) “Toxic people will make you feel like you’re holding a grudge. No, dude. That’s a boundary.”

57.) “When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right.”

58.) “Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

59.) “I closed off all easy roads leading to me. But I’m reachable if you are willing to go the extra mile.”

60.) “Make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process.”

61.) “If someone is really into you, you don’t have to keep begging them for text, call or to spend time. They’ll do it if you’re a priority.”

62.) “Always give priority to the ones that make you a priority in their lives.”

63.) “No one is always busy. It just depends on what number you are on their priority list.”

64.) “Manipulation is when they blame you for your reaction to their disrespect.”

65.) “Action expresses priorities.”

Final thoughts

We as humans are full of emotions and feelings and we very well know how to deal with situations. When to react and how to react, these points help us set our priorities for what to do and how to do based on particular situations and things. Quotes about priority can let you know the best way to figure out a priority. 

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