Top 5 Budget Apps for Android and iOS

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Choosing a budget app can be challenging. There are many from which to choose, but here are the top five to consider: Mobills, iSpending, Receipt Box, Simple, and Budget. If you are using a tablet, you should consider getting an app that works on it. Some budget apps are more compatible with tablets than others, so be sure to check for compatibility before buying. You should also check whether the app offers free trials or customer support options.


With Mobills budget apps, it is easy to manage your budget and keep track of all your payments in one place. Its intuitive interface makes budgeting easy for any user, no matter their experience level or ability to manage money. The app also analyzes your finances and creates customized budgets. The app also allows you to manage your credit cards, develop goals, and track monthly expenses. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to pay off your debt, you’ll find a budget app to help you get organized and stay within your budget.

When you install Mobills on your device, it will automatically download to your device. There are many features available, including multiplatform access and cloud sync. Premium versions also include web apps and unlimited monthly budgets and goals. In addition, Mobills offers additional features and services for users. The app’s features are endless. You can track your finances on any device, even when you’re offline, with the help of Mobills.

Another feature of Mobills budget apps is that they can replace banking applications and XLS spreadsheets. This app lets you easily track your monthly spending and automatically save receipts to keep track of your finances on the go. Mobills allows you to create and export reports in XLS, OFX, and PDF formats. By entering the amount of every transaction, you can quickly determine where your money goes each month.


iSpending is a budget app that lets you keep track of your spending. You can set up spending categories and view graphs. You can even create a custom budget. Unlike many budgeting apps, this one lets you select more than one category. It has a simple, straightforward interface and provides clear charts of your income and expenses. You can even set spending limits to see your progress. This app is free for iOS devices.

While many personal finance apps claim to make it easier to stick to a budget, this is not true. While the apps can help you stay on track, it is crucial to understand how much money you spend each month and what you want. While budget apps can help you stay on track, they won’t change your spending habits if you don’t change practices. Instead of using an app, you should make a commitment to changing your habits.

Another budget app that can keep track of your finances is iSpending Deluxe. It helps you track income and expenses by categorizing purchases. You can also add transactions under different categories. A summary will show you what you’ve spent today, last week, and the past month. Once you’ve entered everything, the app will show you your month’s total and even let you search for transactions. You can export all your data through email or through the app’s search feature.

Receipt Box

With its free service, Receipt Box allows you to save and manage receipts on the go. The app will enable you to store receipts and store them anywhere on your phone. You can also scan and keep your receipts from participating retailers. Its unified interface gives you complete control over your finances, enabling you to track your spending and make budget changes on the go. This app helps you manage your finances wherever you go and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Visit the Google Play store and search for “Receipt Box” to download the app. Tap on the Install button. The app will request permissions. Once you’ve granted permission, the download will begin. The app will notify you when the download is complete. Once installed, the app will display a progress bar on the home screen. Once installation is complete, you can review the receipts you’ve collected.

Once you’ve uploaded your receipt, you can choose to attach it to an existing expense. To do so, click on the appropriate expense and select the option to attach the receipt to the expense. It will then be saved in your mobile photo gallery. The app automatically saves receipts to the pending tab. Receipt Box can help you set a spending limit for the month if you’re on a budget.


Small business owners often struggle with cash flow, and they should have a budget app that helps them track their expenses. Small businesses can experience late payments from clients, and it is essential to be transparent about expenditures to ensure that future expenses will not exceed available funds. Using a budget app can also automate the budget approval process. It is essential to understand how much money is available to cover expenses and know how much will go to saving.

Mint allows you to monitor your spending habits and keep track of your expenses. Its chart lets you know where your money is going and helps you cut back on unnecessary spending. It tracks individual bills and finds savings opportunities. It also analyzes your spending to identify recurring expenses and income. And it can even be used on Apple Watch! With so many features, simple budget apps can help you organize and manage your money. These apps can be downloaded to iPhones, Android devices, and web versions and used on a computer.

Goodbudget is one of the most popular budgeting apps. It enables you to manage multiple accounts, plan for future expenses, and view a complete history of your actions. Its interface is made with Material Design, making it easy to navigate. This app allows you to set up recurring expenses and export data to Quicken or Microsoft Money. Goodbudget is one of the easiest budget apps to use, but it is not free. Those looking for cross-device syncing may want to consider the paid version.


CountAbout is a budget app that allows you to enter and track transactions in your account, whether it’s from a credit card or a bank account. It is straightforward and will enable you to customize categories and the user interface. The app is suitable for personal and business use and provides easy-to-understand account activity reports. Although it is designed for individuals, it is equally beneficial to organizations.

CountAbout has been around since 2012 and boasts many features. It is cloud-based, so there’s no need to download or install the software. It automatically downloads all of your transactions and imports them into your budget. Once you have finished with your budget, you can review and make changes, and you can even add or remove categories. It also provides an ad-free interface to view your transactions without interruptions.

CountAbout is easy to use, and the interface is straightforward and easy to understand. The program features primary tabs along the top of the interface that takes you to the core management areas. It also includes Widgets, which allow you to add extra tools to your budget. With a free trial, you can decide if it’s worth paying for a paid subscription. A free trial is available for 15 days, so you can try it out before deciding.


If you’re looking for a budget app for Android, you’ve probably heard of Mint. The app is a personal finance tool that categorizes your financial transactions. You can keep the default categories or create your own. Mint also lets you create custom categories. You can also add tags and reorganize your transactions. Mint also tracks your investments and credit score and can send you alerts when you’re overspending or incurring late fees.

The Mint budget app is easy to use, and it pulls categorized transactions from your online accounts. When you first use the app, it will automatically create your budgets, but you can edit or add your own categories and goals. You can also set monthly budgets for each category and track all your spending related to that category. For example, you could create a budget for monthly travel and set up reminders for yourself to pay off your credit cards by a specific date. Mint also offers free credit scores based on TransUnion VantageScore reports.

Mint is a great budget app for Android devices. It can track your spending and balances and even help you budget your finances. The app also lets you view pending transactions, which are purchases you’ve made but haven’t yet been processed by your bank. This feature is beneficial for budgeting and forecasting, as it lets you know how much money you have available in the future. Mint is free so you can give it a try.


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