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Trying to chill with your folks, but getting bored? You’re at the right place at the right time. Whenever you’ve no options to go out of the house to chill with your friends, you have am amazing thing to do; you can play truth and dare. This game is not only the easiest but also tells you more about a person. How about getting to know some interesting truth or dare questions

Truth or dare questions

Trust us, this game never goes out of the box, and can keep you entertained for a long time with numerous new facts about your friends. Either you’re connected with friends or your partner this game is up for all and also lets you know what’s your partner up to. Truth and dare questions are obviously a good way to know some interesting facts.

Given below are some of the best collections of numerous mind-blowing questions for truth and dare in various categories so that you invest your time in your folks and not in brainstorming delightful questions. 

How to play truth or dare? 

It’s the easiest game of all, one can play it anywhere anytime. No equipments or things are required. This game is super interesting and can also be played on texts as well as calls if you’re apart. All you need is two people at least and maximum can be according to your group size. More people will make the game more hilarious and fascinating.

If you’re playing truth and dare face to face, you all must sit in a circle and keep a bottle in the middle to get to know whose turn is it to answer as well as to put a question. However if you play it with fewer people like 2-3 you can have alternate chances to ask questions. As simple as that!

Sitting in a circle, one can rotate an empty water bottle. once the bottle stops, the person sitting in front of the side of the bottle is going to answer the truth or perform the dare, however, the person who is sitting in front of the other side of the bottle will ask the question and ask the other person to choose between truth or dare.

One can ask any personal or general questions if the opponent chooses the truth. Although a person who chooses dare has to complete any sort of activity either funny or awkward according to the person asking the question.

 Embarrassing truth or dare questions 

  • Did you ever pee in the pool?
  • What’s your last search on google?
  • Have you seen someone having s*x?
  • Ever farted in a taxi? 
  • Describe your wildest fantasy!
  • Your awful habit?
  • Act like your favorite celebrity!
  • Do you have a habit of sleepwalking?
  • Taste your sweat!
  • Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend? 

Truth or dare questions over text 

  • Name the person you’ve a crush on.
  • Describe an ideal date. 
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?
  • How do you get turned on?
  • What do you like the most in a person?
  • Send a picture of yours with your tongue out
  • Have you ever had a crush over a waiter? 
  • Kiss or a foreplay? 
  • Your inspiration? 
  • You’re favorite destination?

Truth or dare questions for boyfriend 

  • Would you like to get back to your ex?
  • Describe an ideal girlfriend.
  • What would you choose: 1 million dollars or your girlfriend?
  • Who makes you jealous?
  • When do I get on your nerves?
  • When did you last cry missing me?
  • When did you last lie to me?
  • Describe me and our bond.
  • Have you ever tried to cheat on me?
  • Post a picture of us.

Flirty truth or dare questions over text

  • Whom would you like to have your first cuddle with?
  • What would you prefer: a cozy sofa or a bathtub?
  • Describe something that attracts you the most?
  • Who’s the oldest person you flirted with?
  • For how long would you kiss me?
  • Rate your best friend on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the sexiest.
  • Which part of the body do you check out the most in your opposite gender?
  • Send me your sexiest picture ever.
  • Do you sleep with your clothes on?
  • Would you like to date someone hotter than you?

Truth or dare questions for kids

  • Which mobile application you can’t live with?
  • Delete any social media application.
  • Did you ever have a crush on your teacher?
  • Do you like alcohol?
  • Call your school mate and ask him/ her not to watch television.
  • Do you want to get a tattoo? Where?
  • Remove 5 people from your Instagram.
  • Describe a perfect day with your best friend.
  • Act like a politician.
  • What’s your biggest fear about school?

Truth or dare questions for girlfriend 

  • What is your worst date memory?
  • Have you ever proposed someone?
  • Did u have a crush on your senior?
  • Destroy one product from your makeup!
  • Did you consider our first date as unpleasant?
  • Have you ever cheated on me?
  • Delete 2 male contacts from your phone.
  • What makes you fall for me?
  • Tell me your deepest secret?
  • When do you take your bra off?

Truth or dare questions clean

  • Have you ever lied to your partner?
  • Have you ever been hurt and smiled in front of everyone?
  • Call your best friend and tell them you’re not talking to them for no reason.
  • Have you liked someone at first sight?
  • What lesson you never want to forget.
  • Sing aloud your favorite song.
  • Would you help a friend to cheat in the exam?
  • Did you ever wish to be like your mom?
  • Prank your teacher.
  • Have you ever hated someone for no reason?

Truth or dare questions for adults 

  • Are you a virgin?
  • Were you satisfied with your first make out?
  • Did you ever check your partner’s phone keeping it a secret?
  • Have you seen a person of the opposite s*x without clothes on?
  • Show me your hottest picture.
  • Have you searched for naughty content over the internet?
  • Did you ever send a nude picture to someone?
  • Number of people you’ve kissed?
  • Prank your ex and say you want them back in your life.
  • Have you ever opted for a friends with benefits relationship?

More Truth questions

  • What is your biggest turn on?
  • What is your biggest turn off?
  • What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What is the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had?
  • What are your thoughts on sex on the first date?
  • Who here would you like to kiss?How do you feel about public displays of affection?

More Dare questions

  • Sing the chorus of your favorite love song in an accent of your choice.
  • Give your partner a Lap Dance.
  • Let your partner give you a sensual massage.
  • Write down three things you love about your partner and three things you’d like to change, then read them out loud.
  • Kiss someone in the room for 20 seconds without using your tongue.


We’ve all played truth and dare sometime or the other, this game is never boring and helps you in having truckloads of fun, especially when you don’t have to hustle for the questions to be asked. Truth or dare questions not only saves time and energy but also creates a funny and sometimes a bit awkward situations to have fun. 

Did you like our collection of amazing truth and dare questions? If yes, do let us know in the comment section provided below and do share these questions with your friends who always run out of interesting dares to give. Have fun! 


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